We've just launched our £250million materials supply and distribution solution

  • 8th August 2018

We've just launched our £250million supply and distribution solution for materials utilising a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

A DPS provides more flexibility throughout the procurement process, unlike other procurement approaches, as after the initial award, new suppliers and distributors have the opportunity to join the solution at any point throughout the contract.  

Rod Brasington, said: “We’re very excited to launch this solution using the DPS. This is completely different to any other procurement framework models, which is closed for the full duration of agreement and is limited to maximum period of four years.”

The aim of the DPS is to offer customers access to bespoke supply and distribution solutions for a range of material types. There are 19 different lots including Civils and Ground Works, Building Materials, Kitchens, Timber and Joinery, Windows, External Doors, Roofing Materials, Plumbing and Heating on the new contract.

Rod added: “All in all our new solution provides customers the opportunity to detail their unique requirements and obtain the service they require in a competitive and flexible way.

“We thought this particular solution was excellent to test the system on as it has a range of different lots. We’re looking forward to using the new approach going forward.”

The supply and distribution of material framework - our latest framework is available for current and new members to use over the next 10 years.