Framework launches

  • 12th February 2018

We’re delighted to announce our two new frameworks- Development and Material Distribution- will go live on the Due North portal in the next few weeks.

Our Development Framework will cover Pre-Development Consultancy and Substructure Works as well as other areas, and will include a Principal Contractor Lot which will allow elements to be delivered and managed by one organisation. This new approach will help landlords to ‘de-risk’ the process by identifying all known components prior to pricing, so no project creep should occur, helping all those involved.

Our Material Distribution Framework has been created with the view of being an alternate solution to our existing Materials Framework. This adapted solution will mean landlords can specify their exact requirements and run a further competition to establish the most cost-effective pricing solution based on actual volumes, meaning greater certainty of pricing, volumes, timescales and delivery, again helping all those involved in the project.

We’ll be releasing more information about these in the coming weeks, so please keep an eye on our portal for further details.