Our social regeneration fund gives over £1.7million to North East

  • 17th July 2018

We've recently awarded another £250,000 to our social regeneration fund, taking the total investment, to help create new employment opportunities and support community projects in the North East, to over £1.7 million.

Since its creation in 2011, more than 50 projects have been set up by landlords, including Thirteen Group, Karbon Homes, County Durham Housing Group and Your Homes Newcastle to name but a few, because of contributions from the fund and more than 50 permanent and temporary job roles created.

Projects have included schemes providing training to help those looking for work to enhance their employment searching and interview skills, to initiatives offering tenants of our members specialist advice and guidance on topics relatable to them.

Our Chief Executive Rod, said: “We’ve seen a range of different initiatives launch over the last seven years which have helped a lot of people in different communities.

“The fund has, and continues to be, a great way for landlords to make a difference in their area.”

The money is given as an annual dividend payment to our members depending on their throughput with us in a 12-month period.

We have also set up a small-scale funding pot of £10,000 called Launchpad. This fund is designed to help our members’ tenants with things ranging from transport costs for getting to and from interviews, help paying licence fees for forklift truck operatives, protective clothing costs, training costs and more.