Contractor framework

Spending some time looking at the procurement framework landscape, we identified numerous frameworks which were OJEU compliant, but weren’t flexible enough to deliver effective projects on the ground.

Based on this research, and with input from our members, in particular, Thirteen, we discussed what organisations needed and wanted in this space, and created our new Contractor Framework solution.

The framework is split into three sections; Planned Investment Works, Repair & Maintenance Works and Specialist Services and has 27 different lots covering all types of work required to maintain and repair the housing stock of our member organisations. The solutions are compliant and regulated in the necessary ways, but give considerable flexibility to create innovative solutions which encapsulate effective delivery on the ground.

Organisations ranging from nationals to regional and local SMEs (dissected into regional lots – Tees Valley, Durham, Tyne and Wear and Northumberland) were attracted to the framework to provide the services – particularly because the solution gives larger organisations the opportunity to tender for all regions’ work and smaller businesses the opportunity to pursue opportunities local to their own geographies, meaning it works for all involved.

What was the outcome?

43 contractors were appointed to the lots, with most winning places on multiple lots meaning there is a wide range of options available for delivery.

Since inception, we have undertaken over 50 further competitions on behalf of members creating clear, unambiguous specifications and completing fair, robust evaluations. Competition and quality in these submissions has raised the bar in terms of the value created and the standards of delivery, and this is proven in the fact that not a single company was awarded more than one contract in the first 19 competitions, demonstrating just how effective our new process is.

Dave Scarr, Senior Procurement & Contract Manager, managed the process. He commented: ‘It was intended, and we believe we have succeeded, in building a Framework based on flexibility and creativity. It was essential that the Framework was compliant but delivered outcomes which were easy to deliver on the ground, not just in a Procurement text book; this is now the way forward for all of our future procurement activities’.

Ongoing, our new contract management service is helping to ensure delivery on site is exceeding expectations. This is how all Prosper framework solutions will be developed in the future.