Launchpad fund helps equip young people for employment

Launchpad fund helps equip young people for employment

As part of our social value support to our partners, Launchpad is a dedicated fund available to all transacting partners throughout the year. It is designed to boost the life chances of the residents in our partner communities through funding initiatives such as training courses, travel cost payments and work attire. 

One of our partners, Thirteen, applied for funding to support one of their customers to get equipped for work.

The individual was homeless due to a breakdown of family relationships and then moved into Key Step (Thirteen’s supported shared accommodation) for approximately one year, where she received support around independent living skills, finances, and mental health.  Having never worked previously, she was delighted to secure full time, permanent employment in a call centre, with support from Thirteen’s employability team. 

It was necessary to wear smart office clothes but as she was starting her employment journey, she could not afford to buy any.

The support from Launchpad allowed Key Step to complete a supervised spend in a high street outlet, where the individual was able to choose a variety of items that were appropriate for her workplace.

Emma Beurskens, Assessment Support Coordinator, Thirteen, said: “The fund has really helped in this situation. Having made great strides in securing her first permanent job role, she is now feeling less anxious about starting work and feels more comfortable in her new role. Without the fund our customer would not have been able to afford work clothes, and this may have prohibited her from taking the role. Launchpad makes a big difference to peoples' lives and we will use the fund whenever possible in the future.”

Rod Brasington, Chief Executive of Prosper, said: “We are delighted with the success of our Launchpad fund as it is meeting its objectives by providing support to help recipients fulfill their opportunities in life.”