Lift maintenence

We were approached by one of our Members to assist with lift maintenance and servicing. There were several contracts already in place, which were coming up for renewal, so we agreed the time was right to cumulate the organisation’s requirements into a single contract.

We prepared and ran a bespoke tender exercise for an enhanced service and maintenance provision, as well as improved terms and conditions. We also arranged a phased take-up of the contract to enable existing contracts to expire sequentially so as not to expose the Member to any claims through non-compliance with contractual terms.

The outcome?

As well as the new contract costing less than the previous contracts, our team were able to highlight existing agreements that could be exited sooner so that the new contract offerings could be taken advantage of.

Rebecca Cohen managed the process. She commented: “This was an interesting project to be involved in.  I learned about lift maintenance and running a tender outside of a framework which is one of the many services we offer.  I really enjoyed the experience and hope to do more work in this way.”