Replacement window and doors programme

Your Homes Newcastle approached us and asked us to work on a four year, £9million replacement window and doors programme, with an initial focus on roughly 1,109 properties primarily within St Anthony’s Estate with a small number within Shieldfield and Throckley Estates (of an estimated value of £4.5million).

The project needed to be competitively priced, with a high importance placed on ensuring the project ran efficiently to time and budget, with as little inconvenience to Your Homes Newcastle’s customers as possible.

We considered the various options available to us when creating the tender and in doing so, identified that the successful contractor needed to:

  • Have significant experience in delivering similar schemes successfully
  • Be able to plan a thorough programme to undertake the works which was both achievable and systematic in approach
  • Have a plan and method of installation that met all statutory and legislative standards as well as minimising disruption
  • Implement and provide exceptional customer care for tenants
  • Provide a comprehensive, highly responsive aftercare service designed to provide customers with an experience exceeding their expectations

Detailed requirements for each component where created to provide a scoring matrix aimed at highlighting exceptional outcomes.

As the overall delivery element was crucial for Your Homes Newcastle, it was agreed to issue the tender with scoring based on a ratio of 50% for price and 50% for quality (Delivery)- this was a variation from previous tenders which focussed on higher pricing emphasis (typically 80% price/20% quality).

Five organisations submitted bids with a range in prices of over £1.1m, with the lowest bids so close that the scores of their quality submissions became vital in making a decision. Despite being slightly more expensive, the quality submission of the second-placed bid was exceptional and resulted in Straightline NE Ltd winning the tender.

What was the outcome?

The process has proved to be extremely effective for Your Homes Newcastle who, as well as testing the market from a price perspective, have appointed a competitive contractor whilst having the peace of mind that they are partnering with an organisation with fantastic delivery capability.

John Henderson, Assets and Regeneration Manager at Your Homes Newcastle, said: “This has been a really positive tender for us. Not only have we achieved a value for money, it’s also backed up with exceptional delivery capability which will create great efficiency in terms of effective programming and reduced defects.”