School cleaning framework

We were approached by three Northumberland schools (Ponteland Community High School, Prudhoe Community High School and St Benet Biscop Catholic Academy) to look at a fast, efficient cleaning contract that would suit the needs of their schools. 

Having worked closely with social housing organisations for many years, this was a great opportunity to offer more bespoke solutions throughout the public sector.

The Framework requirements were clearly scoped incorporating feedback and guidance of the three local schools although the Framework is open to all schools across the North East of England.

Prosper developed excellent knowledge regarding the process and complexities of TUPE and Local Government Pension Scheme requirements when awarding new contracts meaning it is well placed to guide other schools through this testing process.

As the schools are public sector, the framework is OJEU compliant and will run for four-years. Throughout the four years, we will work closely with the three schools to offer high level contract management while working to offer the great solution to other schools.


The outcome

The sole supply framework was won by Orian Solutions - a facilities management company based in Cumbria which utilises local North East labour to deliver the services under the contract, with call-off contracts awarded for the three initial schools.

The framework has been running since September 2018 and has proven a success for everyone involved so far.

Rod Brasington, chief executive of Prosper, said: “The contract has been fantastic and has ran smoothly from launch. We have regular contact with the schools to make sure there are no problems.

“This is a fantastic, efficient solution and we hope we can bring the benefits of this to schools all across the North East of England.”