Question and answer session with Built Environment Networking

  • 26th November 2018

On 13 December, we will be joining prominent public and private sector leaders within the construction and property industry at the Construction Frameworks Conference – one of the sector’s largest conference of the year.

The conference, hosted by Built Environment Networking in the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield, will see some of the industry’s biggest names from both the public and private sector lead a discussion on frameworks to help delegates achieve best value from their procurement, demonstrate best practice in developing and operating frameworks, and allow for the sector to meet and collaborate.

We've been speaking to Nathan from Built Environment Networking ahead of the event: 

Prosper is a North East based multi-disciplined business consultancy formed almost 10 years ago. Tell us a little more about Prosper and what you do?

We are a strategic business consultancy who specialise in procurement, project management and project implementation, and construction development services. We’ve operated in the public sector for the last 10 years and see ourselves as a partner of choice for our members. Over the last couple of years, we’ve focussed more on offering a full service rather than just being a framework provider to keep up with the evolving industry.

What makes Prosper different to other procurement consultancies across the UK?

Our team have a wealth of experience in our industry specialising in OJEU frameworks and procurement approaches. We pride ourselves on not just being a procurement organisation but instead a consultancy that supports you in different areas of your business, seeing ourselves as an extension to your team rather than just your procurement provider. We devise innovative procurement and business processing solutions to create efficiencies across our customer organisations.

For those looking to work alongside Prosper on their frameworks how would they go around doing this, and what values and ethics must they have?

We pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency and we would like to know our supply chain partners operate in the same way. If you contact our team, we can talk you through how you can join any of our frameworks and the best ways to submit your entry. It is important to be committed to building long-term strategic partnerships with us as this where and how real value for each partner is created.

Do you currently have any frameworks coming up for re-tender or new frameworks being launched?

Yes, we do. We’re currently finalising the following Dynamic Purchasing Systems: design and consultancy services, construction and development, compliance and facilities management and the contractor.

Since your company’s creation 10 years ago the industry has gone through some major changes. In a time when so many new innovative solutions and technological advances are being made daily how are you setting up frameworks which cover on average a 4 year period?

We recently launched our first Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) rather than frameworks. We are confident we will be using DPS more in the future as they provide greater flexibility unlike other procurement approaches as after the initial award, new suppliers and distributors can join the solution at any point throughout the contract. It’s not to say we have forgotten about other procurement approaches completely though as DPS might not be suitable for all procurement needs. We will determine our approach in the planning stage.  

What is the future vision for Prosper?

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our business. We are looking at finding more bespoke solutions to suit our current and future members. These will be business solutions that are easy to use and add value to our members businesses. We would like all our members to see us at their procurement partner of choice, so we can all prosper together. 

 The Construction Frameworks Conference will bring together the frameworks industry to debate, discuss and share best practice. Why is the event an important date in the calendar?

We think the event is such an important event as the procurement industry is constantly changing and not all methods suit all, so it’s interesting to speak to other professionals about their work and listen to their suggestions. We are looking forward to meeting everyone.

To find out more about us and the event contact us or follow our Twitter: @Prosper_NE where we will be tweeting live from the event.