Decarbonisation Retrofit Framework

Including Refurbishment Works

The Decarbonisation Retrofit Framework (including refurbishment works) is an all-encompassing procurement solution that covers a range of decarbonisation retrofit works with the option to include standard investment works. This is a market-leading framework to provide an innovative and compliant solution route to delivery through appointed principal contractors. It compliments the works supported through the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Social Housing Decarbonisation fund, SHDF Wave 2 and ECO4 works.

The framework covers regional lots across, North East, Yorkshire and The Humber, North West, East Midlands, East of England, South East, South West, London, West Midlands and Wales.


Full scope of works

  • Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pump
  • Photovoltaic installation - Battery storage (PV)
  • External HD-EPS insulation below DPC
  • External and Internal Wall Insulation  -  Loft and Cavity Wall insulation
  • Insulated Timber Ground Floor/Rigid sheet flooring
  • Windows U-value <1.2 & External Doors                                   
  • Roofing and liquid applied waterproof roof coatings
  • Fascia/Soffit, Barge boards
  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic features - Canopies 
  • Gypsum board dry linings/ partitions/ ceilings
  • Plastered internal coatings
  • Trenches and Ducts for buried engineering services (Fibre Optic)
  • Monitoring Equipment (Switchee or Equivalent)
  • Solid Floor insulation
  • French gutters (EWI)
  • Domestic kitchen fittings, furnishings and equipment
  • PCC slab paving/drainage channel
  • Granular sub-bases to house paths
  • Cement based levelling/wearing screeds
  • Ceramic Tiling/ Waterproof boarding
  • Kitchen and Bathroom flooring
  • Edge fixed carpeting 
  • Internal Painting/clear finishing
  • LED switches
  • Brick walling
  • Internal Doors and Garage Doors
  • Seeding/ turfing 
  • Fencing
  • Fixings and adhesives
  • Sealants 
  • Heating systems – domestic
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Electrical systems - domestic
  • Rainwater drainage systems 
  • Above and below ground foul drainage systems
  • Sanitary appliances and fittings
  • Heating Controls replacement


The benefits of the solution

  • To assist social landlord to insulate and reduce the carbon emission from their housing stock while reducing energy costs for their residents.
  • The supply chain partner delivering the works are Trustmark and PAS 2030 installer accredited.
  • The solution offers call off by Direct Award or Further Competition.
  • There is no direct cost of use to social landlords.
  • Social value is included!
  • The solution runs until July 2026.


Approved Delivery Partners


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