Social Value

We are fully committed to creating opportunities to improve the communities we serve in the North East of England.

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What is the Social Value Annual Dividend?

Whenever a project is delivered for our partners, we recover a rebate from the Supply Chain Partner delivering the scheme, this is then added to the Social Value Annual Dividend Fund. At the end of each financial year we add up the fund, add a percentage of any operational surplus Prosper generates and make Dividend payments to each partner based on the percentage of spend made through Prosper in that period.

How can you spend it?

You are free to spend your dividend on any Social Value initiative or business objective for your organisation and all that Prosper asks is for an annual report detailing how the dividend has been used and to highlight the great things that have been delivered in your communities.


We offer partners the opportunity to submit applications for small grants.

Supply Chain Partners

How We Do It

Simplicity is the key factor here.

We endeavour to make it easy to work with Propser and our Public Sector Partners. We will support you to win a place on any of our frameworks or dynamic purchasing system solutions by giving you support in preparation of the tender process.

Whenever you have taken part in a procurement exercise, we will provide you with constructive feedback to help ensure subsequent responses you submit can improve.

When you are successful we will work with you and our employing partner to set up project Kick-Start meetings and we will be there throughout the delivery process to help manage the contract and work to ensure all works are effectively delivered and all payments are made on time.

We hope working with Prosper and our partners will create positive efficiencies and, through sharing, experience enhance each Supply Chain Partner's operational performance.