Supply Chain Partners

We value our relationships with our Supply Chain Partners, and support them wherever we can to ensure our Members’ customers always receive a great service.

What we do

Most contracts are awarded to one contractor, so we work closely with our Supply Chain Partners to deliver regular work opportunities, helping to create new partnerships with our Partners and develop these into long-term collaborations where everyone involved benefits, not least our Partners’ customers.

How we do it

Simplicity is the key factor here.

We endeavour to make it easy to work with Prosper and its Public Sector Partners. We will support you to win a place on any of our frameworks or dynamic purchasing system solutions by giving you support in preparation of the tender process.

Whenever you have taken part in a procurement exercise, we will provide you with constructive feedback to help to ensure subsequent responses you submit can improve.

When you are successful we will work with you and our employing partner to set up project Kick-Start meetings and we are there throughout the delivery process to help manage the contract and work to ensure all works are effectively delivered and all payments are made on time.

We hope working with Prosper and its partners will create positive efficiencies and through sharing experience enhance each Supply Chain partners operational performance.

Supply Chain Partners Available 

of Completed Projects

Benefits of working with us

When you work with us you’ll feel like an extension of our team rather than just a supplier. We’ll work closely with you to pat you on the back for a job well done or provide support to improve things if things could be a little bit better.

  • Partners benefit from cost and efficiency benefits and the sharing of best practice through procurement and contract management activities.
  • Supply chain partners have an opportunity to increase work/supply volumes while building strategic long-term relationships with Prosper, our Members and their communities.
  • Member residents and communities experience improvements to their living environments through a combination of improvement work projects and our social value initiatives programme.

How do I apply?

Our current frameworks are all let on a closed basis and are generally renewed around the four-year point. However we now also use Dynamic Purchasing Systems which mean Supply Chain Partners can apply at any time. More information on our frameworks and DPS can be found here.

Our Supply Chain Partners

Interested in working with us?